Silent Malays, Where ART THOU?


Whilst many Malay Muslims in this Era are reviving the “Sunnah” by taking up the art of Shooting the Arrow using a Bow (Archery), as a competitive sport and recreational activity, at the same time, many “Pendekars” have upped their ante several notches, in Modern Martial Arts to combat the New World Order.



These “Pendekars” with their “Tanjaks” are rallying behind the Boss with a common goal, and that is to undermine all efforts made by the current government. Belittle. Undermine. Repeat.

It is not called Star Wars, but Cyberwar, where the Bows and Arrows are inexistent, only keyboards and fake Facebook accounts are used as their everyday ammunition. And it seems to be working well to those who do not reflect.

During the weekend, there was an interesting article, spot on in many areas and should be commented upon. In this piece :

  1. The editors said, the current top three hot topics among their community are Zakir Naik, the Umno-PAS unity pact and the economy (the boycott movement).
  2. Some of the comments on the Facebook page are hostile to the point where there are “threats, or that they bring up fiery racial sentiments, or that we are merely agents of a political party or a religious group”.
  3. Malaysians were different on social media and real life. “On social media or in the media, I get the sense that there is a religious and racial ticking time bomb in the country. But in reality, the Grab pakcik (uncle) and the nasi lemak makcik (auntie) have no time or inclination for these issues. They want to make a living in a harmonious Malaysia,” I said.

Of course, in the real corridors, there are plenty of Silent Moderate Malays or Progressive Malays whose gabs are zip-locked. Whichever adjective you wish to deploy, it all boils down to the same thing. They are unwilling to talk, or if they are willing to voice their opinion, they do not want it to be recorded in any manner. They choose to be anonymous. They are scared of losing their job. They are scared to be seen as vocal. They do not want to be associated with Opinionated Postings on Facebook. They only want to show you what they eat and some weddings they attended instead. These are considered “SAFE”.

And then let the others fight Goliath.

But these are the Thinkers who did not #BMF, who quietly giggled at the ridiculous PASUMNO union, and who, in real life, have absolutely no issues with other races as the Social Media claims.

The open-minded, educated Urban Malays have chosen to stay safe and remain silent. They just want to eat nasi lemak and go to work quietly.

What you see in the Social Media scene, are those at the bottom of the pyramid (that’s if they really exist). The hound dogs of political parties, who can barely speak nor write in English. The loyalists who refuse to think further than their nose. Those who believe everything they see and then click share without checking accuracy.

All they do is bash and belittle all day long. Worse off, the comments they make are downright rude, uncouth and ill-mannered – which mirrors their background, level of education and political inclination.

Due to their lack of credible facts and content, they tend to recycle lame comebacks in all the pages that are in support of the government – in hope to break the spirit of good fellow Malaysians and escalate unrest amongst the netizens.

Fortunately, in every foolishness, there is always goodness. For example, when they came in droves to drive the #BMF campaign and later heralded in their so-called success in reducing prices – not so many of them realised that the prices of goods could be brought down, because prices are actually determined by retailers, not so much the taxes. Only a few of them noticed that the prices have been in fact, manipulated by greedy retailers who took advantage of the taxation structure to raise prices. And yet, they continue to cheerlead #BMF and claimed their fame.

Tun said in his controversial Malay Dilemma book, and I quote.

I’m brash and abrasive but that’s because I’ve noticed when people are nice and polite, they never get anywhere.


Being brash is alright if you are bright. But if you are abrasive and dumb, it goes to show that the Cyber War is loaded with Empty Vessels, which make the most noise.


I have concluded, a long time ago, that it’s all empty chatter, fuss, and no intellect whatsoever out there.


But that’s how the cookie crumbles, for as long as we keep seeing only Wedding Photos and food platters from the Silent Malays who choose to Stay Safe and Stay Quiet.



Written by :

Sairana Mohd. Saad

23 Sept 2019




The Racial Politics Game that is Najib’s


15 AUGUST 2019

By Sairana Mohd. Saad


At first thought, it isn’t even worth my time writing on such a trivial matter. Any person with some form of intelligence would have figured it all out. That this racial hodgepodge, fanned by none other than Najib and his 600 cybertroopers, have succeeded to make the Ultra Malays believe that they are actually threatened, their Bumiputera rights are going to vanish in thin air and that Islam is in some way or another, being victimised too.

I still smirk at how shallow some people can be. That’s why Education is Key.

As absurd as it sounds, most Malays are beginning to bite at it like a holy scripture. Most Malays are fixated on the idea that their “rights” are being robbed, that their religion is being side-lined, and that, the Chinese are ruling the country so much that one day Malaysia will be another Singapore. And that’s how the Story Goes.

Thank God I studied Propaganda and Communications during the Gulf War in 1991. Hence, I am blessed that I am not easily fooled by what is written and promoted by Najib’s Cytro pages. I can see their unwritten agendas in between the lines, their political folklores edited by some of the country’s best writers, and games people play through slang, pictures and tonnes of innuendoes to taint the Rakyat’s minds.



And with that, the hallucination goes on, the fiction continues, as Najib’s coffers consistently channel wages to his 600 cybertroopers through his Media Moghul. It’s working like clockwork, denting the Ultra Malays perspectives to the point that these stories will eventually be recorded in the history books of our Great Grandchildren.

For as long as their funds thrive, the Cybertroopers who work from various factories to plant negative stories will eventually win the battle. And the losers will be 32billion Malaysians.

Undoubtedly, racial politics have worked in many countries, including Indonesia, that is closer to home. And so, to deflect Malaysians from the stolen 40B USD and historically unseen debt levels and such, Najib’s narrative focuses on Islam and Malay rights (whatever it means) without promising anything to the Rakyat. But yet, most prefer to camp on his side.

Being a third world country, we can still afford to be laughed at. Laughed at our backward thinking that our constitutional rights will be taken away tomorrow, that Khat is a Symbol of Islam that anchors our Faith, and that our major focus today is to extradite Zakir Naik because he made some sordid statement or to reduce the number of work force in the army because they don’t fire their rifles three times a day.

To be honest, all these trivial issues arise, because Malaysia is a peaceful country that is not too shabby economically. Malaysians are too well looked after that we have too much time to Facebook and post pictures of all the wonderful food we eat and share the dumb stories posted and spun by Irresponsible People.

If only we didn’t have proper Electricity and Water supply to homes, and we couldn’t afford to buy a bowl of rice to feed our families, then our focus and attention would be shifted to real issues affecting real lives, wouldn’t it?

And this is why I said, it isn’t worth my time, teaching the Ingrates what we should be grateful for. Because God already said, “Behold, God is indeed limitless in His bounty unto man -but most people are ungrateful”. – Quran 2:243






The Return of  Zahid Comedy and the Billion Dollar Thief.

The Malaysian Political Scene is always one that is too credible to be true.

It is repeatedly Unpredictable. Funny. Stupid.

So far-fetched that it can get embarrassing even for a third world country like Malaysia, whose current woes evolve around plastic waste problems, river contaminations and racial innuendoes. For the thinking community who bags home only fifty percent of their take home salary (as a couple), with no rights to Bantuan Sara Hidup, or MySalam Insurance, we ponder on a daily basis if there is ever going to be an end to the UMNO Contemporary Circus.

I had to pinch myself over and over again, to check and double check if the Return of The Najib-Zahid Terrible Two comeback is for real. And that I hadn’t zoned off into some hallucination mode.

I mean, Dude, have the UMNO folks been smoking weed or are they really daft? Zahid, who went on bended knees, pleading for his passport to perform his 31st Pilgrimage a few months ago – comes back with his ever-smiley face, feeling elated and confident of winning the next election. No wonder his nickname is Comedy. I would buy his stand-up Comedy show, just to destress from time to time. It is probably cheaper than the Thai Odyssey full body oil massage, for a total relaxation.

Not only that, armoured with Pentium-4 powered brain, Umno’s leadership members had collectively agreed to bring back the Billion Dollar Thief as Top Adviser. And just like that, The Terrible Two were accorded a second lease of life.


Never mind that together they recorded 42 + 87 amount of charges of abuse of power, grafts, money laundering, etc.

Never mind that the 2.6B MYR 1MDB case is still on-going.

Never mind that they used the GST money to patch up holes everywhere in the accounting books and repeatedly say it wasn’t stolen.

It looks like that their religion permits them to deceive and steal to live on luxuries derived from abuse of power, for as long as they do not eat pork or consume alcohol.

If this is their philosophy, this must be deemed the UMNO Way of Life. Not Islam. But UMNO.

The way of Life that it is absolutely legitimate to deceive and manipulate the Rakyat, so that they can lower their anchor at the French Riviera, sunbathe on 300-foot-long yacht and party all night long.

The way of Life that encourages stealing Billions of Ringgit transacted in a sophisticated and complicated manner, for as long as it is not stealing a loaf of Gardenia Bread, captured on a CCTV.

Smitten rural folks must continue to receive hand-outs and dazed into believing that the Government is continuously taking care of them. Doesn’t matter where the money comes from!

For as long as you keep repeating in court, The Mantra, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know… it wasn’t me, it was everyone else’s fault except mine – you should be OK.

The way I see it, UMNO’s Kickback and Corruption practices are rather acceptable for the lazy, forgetful and ungrateful bunch of people.

UMNO’s Golden Age Phenomenon is right now at its peak. Rekindling with the personas that brought the Malay Party down, first time in history, is absolutely the way forward to losing the next election.

In a way, I should be glad.

If their folly continues at this cadence, the Malaysian Economy will finally rise to what it was decades ago, before the Billion Dollar Thief and his Bo toxified wife were given carte blanche to wreck our Finances apart.








The Fed Up Liberal Malay Muslim

Now that Syawal and Ramadhan are over, and all open houses are finally closed, I wonder where is the next avenue for political talks to flourish? Surely all of us were involved in a conversation, intentionally or not, where every Ali, Muthu, Ah Hock on the table seem to be expressing their discontentment with the PH government, chuckling at the 4 series video show and wondering when on earth will Tun be passing on the baton and to whom? Just give us a date, will you?

And so, that’s the main preoccupation of every Malaysian mind. The headlines are often repeated ad nauseam, while we, the average voter of the Golden Triangle, chewed on the endless spread of high caloric food that busted our calorie intake for at least two days.

Like a Doctor whose job is to prescribe medication to the patient, I listened hard to all the voluntary commentaries, mea culpa style. Some were directly implicated in the 1MDB drama and witnessed the flow of the money trail, but had a gag order! Some took risks in rejecting the “Helicoptered-in High Risk Loans”, while others lamented about the high cost of living and the bleak future of this beautiful country called Malaysia.

Nevertheless, the common point was rather blaring: too much of communication faux pas by the newly appointed, the phenomenon of overpromising-under-delivering and the rise of divisive Islam between the Malays.

But a more pressing question beckons – what has Malaysia morphed into?

  1. A Muslim country divided between the Liberals and non, gorgeously fanned by fellow Opposition through their heavily armed cybertroopers?
  2. The first Muslim country that has videos uploaded on but cannot be consumed in Malaysia? Damn!
  3. A Muslim country where the views of religious scholars often go in conflicting directions, swaying according to the political party they belong to.

Pas and Umno are getting married and I wish them well. With this impending solemnization, they hope to pull the Malay Muslims together under the Banner of Islam to “defend” the religion that is currently under threat. (what a joke). If you are not with them, you get tagged as a Liberal Muslim.

Whether or not, the PASUMNO members understand the Quran and use it as their way of life, is a completely different story. It looks like they skipped a lot of chapters, like bribery, corruption, kickbacks, interests, justice, famine, poverty, slander etc. and chose to focus on just the ones they prefer most, like Pork, Alcohol and Polygamy. Whatever suits them better, I guess.

Most educated Muslim Malays today are fed up of seeing Islam being used as a tool. Fed up of being fooled around with intrinsic slanders and fabrications each time we consume daily news. Not one day has passed without negative news hitting our eyeballs. We are also fed up of being labelled according to our democratic principles, ethics and morale values.

As much as I would like to believe that the raison d’etre of PASUMNO is all about Uniting Malays and protecting Islam – and is NEVER about winning more Parliamentary Chairs, of course NOT, I am also reminded that “Not all Malays are Dense and Thick”.

“A tiger doesn’t change its stripes.  A leopard cannot change its spots”. Let me then place this question to you PASUMNO people, if your hands are full of filth, and your character diverts from Quranic teachings, what kind of Islam can you promote?

And how can I, a Malay Muslim, put a dollop of trust in you again, when you and your UMNO friends had the guts to use and abuse the country’s holiest fund, Tabung Haji, belonging to only Malay Muslims?

Did you not think of Islam then?








Malaysians have Pretty Bad Memory and Love to Embrace Negativity.

First, there is politics. And then economics. In that specific order.

One must be able to differentiate the two and rise above it. But before that, one must be educated, cultured to not end up being a follower of the herd. If you don’t have an opinion of your own, you will then morph into a natural follower of the pathetic herd. Not just any herd, but the same species who have successfully destroyed your generation, your children’s and perhaps your grandchildren’s too.

And if you choose to remain disinformed, you will end up believing, absorbing and bending your head down, like a horse in collection! That is so tragic for a nation who once believed in Change and Transformation, just last year.

Sadly, but surely, the Herd Mentality is fast growing under the Malaysian tropical sun and soil. It’s like an epidemic from Africa or something. Spreading and infecting people from all walks of life, educated or not. Rural or not. 5G or not.

So much so that it has become apparent that ‘We” have chosen to forgive the BN government and are ready to vote them back into running Putrajaya, if today, there was a snap election.

What is going on? If you are a follower, I suggest you get a brain check real quick. Your cells might be decaying faster than you can imagine. And that’s not good for your family, if you are a breadwinner.

For the life of me, I cannot comprehend how Malaysians can forgive DSN for the damage that he has allowed to occur. The country was professionally robbed in broad daylight, under his rightful watch as the Finance Minister, Prime Minister and Advisor Emeritus.

Under his Great Leadership, Malaysia became notorious for all the wrong reasons. DSN succeeded to put Malaysia on the world map for orchestrating the World’s Biggest Financial Scandal. Hermes no longer needed advertising. The Planet is now impressed how One Malaysian Prince fooled Wall Street, Hollywood and the World. Even Kimora Lee Simmons had pictures of her Malaysian Friend in her IG!

Planes went missing and crashed, murder cases were flourishing, if not encouraged, top clean officers were abruptly moved out and stopped from carrying out their duties. And lest we forget? And that is Okay by us?

Yes, the court case is now on-going and the DSN Boys are still roaming around town spreading lies and fanning racism tactics through heavy social media buys, roadshows and ground events –  because that is the only bullet left. It has worked in Jakarta, so let’s follow that Template. Ideas, they have none. So, let’s divide and conquer. Let’s gang up the Malays against the Chinese. Let’s use Islam as a weapon because that’s the easiest common denominator. What a sick and deplorable game to play, especially when one claims to be “religious and righteous”.

Truth be told, they amassed and stole for years. Like every good thing that has an ending, that Superficial Shared Prosperity has also reached its expiration date. “Everybody” enjoyed the “extra handouts” because there was Extra Money in the Coffer : the Linen from Jakel, The Gold Bars from Habib Jewels, and not to mention, the Expensive Holy Trips to Mecca to Show People how righteous they are.

Now that the Freeloading Era has ended and “pay back the debt time” has begun, the “Pavlov-ians” are raging with anger. They are screaming, “Where is my beef?” Just like when the People of Moses yelled to him: O Moses, we can never endure just one kind of food! ( Quran 2:61 ).

And for that reason alone, the BN-ites have once again, become flavour of the month. Because the Pavlov-ians have gotten too used to the Bells that rang each time for handouts. The People want more and more, time and again. Whatever amount that is given, they will never be satiated.

Then, we wonder, why is the country’s debt not reducing, year after year? Why do we still need to borrow and sell bonds? Why can’t tolls be removed? Why can’t my taxes be reduced?

To not end up with a migraine, it is perhaps best that we start fantasizing and daydreaming, that one fine day, some Arab Prince will suddenly transfer Billions into our account without us knowing of the account’s existence, nor the amount given.

Dreaming is free and it is as good as believing that this Christmas, Snow will Fall in Malaysia.


Written by :

Sairana Mohd. Saad

June 25th, 2019

Jangan Kata Kerajaan Tak Payung!


Berakhirnya riwayat Tol LDP, SPRINT, KESAS, SMART

Lega rasanya bila dengar akhirnya Kerajaan sudah sampai tahap perundingan terakhir nak mansuhkan tol empat lebuhraya di Kuala Lumpur. Walaupun kena tunggu sampai 1 Jan 2020, Insya Allah, dapatlah juga kurangkan sedikit perbelanjaan harian kita turun naik KL pergi pejabat saban hari.

Kadang-kadang memang sakit hati kan, bayar tol dah la berpuluh ringgit sehari, lepas tu trafik masih sesak. Bayar tol untuk apa pun tak tahu. Adooi…

Sebenarnya, proses nak mansuhkan tol ni agak rumit sekali. Nak kena bayar pampasan konsesi, nak kira kos operasi, kos penyenggaraan dan macam-macam lagi sebelum bebanan tol di Kuala Lumpur boleh dikurangkan.

Memang tak senang nak jadi senang! Walaupun keempat-empat lebuhraya ini menguasai 48% daripada pendapatan lebuhraya-lebuhraya bertol di bandar (tanpa kumpulan PLUS), janji kerajaan PH tetap utuh memenuhi manifesto pilihanraya.

Tawaran rasmi kepada syarikat-syarikat konsesi untuk mengambil alih empat lebuhraya ni berharga RM6.2B telah pun ditujukan kepada Syarikat Gamuda. Mahal la jugak kan, sebab tu la kena kutip caj kesesakan.

Tapi kenapa kena caj? Tak boleh nak free terus ke?

Realitinya, hasrat kerajaan untuk memansuhkan tol secara berperingkat ini banyak bergantung kepada implikasi kewangan. Dengan adanya kutipan caj kesesakan, bolehlah Kerajaan biaya bayaran balik hutang, tampung kos operasi dan penyenggaraan lebuhraya – tanpa peruntukan khas daripada Kementerian Kewangaan. Barulah boleh turun sikit kos operasi Kerajaan Persekutuan.

Dengan kutipan Caj Kesesakan ini, Kerajaan dan pembayar cukai boleh jimat sampai RM5.3 billion dalam bentuk  pembayaran pampasan kepada syarikat-syarikat untuk membekukan kadar tol sehingga akhir hayat konsesi harganya.

Caj kesesakan tu apa?

Jangan risau. Caj kesesakan ni berubah mengikut masa penggunaan. Untuk tidak membebankan Rakyat, Kerajaan akan mengenakan :

  • Kadar maksimum (kadar tol sedia ada) pada waktu puncak
  • 30% waktu luar puncak
  • Percuma pada waktu 11 malam hingga 5 pagi


  Jadi, apa yang saya dapat?

  1. Pengguna jimat RM180 juta setahun. Pendapatan boleh guna isi rumah Rakyat bertambah. Maksudnya lepas ni, bolehlah top up ASB ke, pergi bercuti tempat best-best ke… atau shopping sakan kan?


  1. Traffic jam kat KL akan berkurang, sekaligus, pengurangan jejak karbon di bandar. Harap-harap minyak kereta pun boleh kurang.


  1. Duit selebihnya untuk pembangunan dan penyenggaraan sistem pengangkutan awam Malaysia untuk seluruh Rakyat jelata, bukan sahaja pengguna tol di KL.


Akhir kata

Sekiranya model pengambilalihan ini berjaya, ianya akan dijadikan asas untuk pengambilalihan konsesi lebuh raya bertol lain, termasuk lebuhraya antara bandar, pada masa hadapan.

Kerajaan Pakatan Harapan ni sebenarnya peka nak mengurangkan beban pengguna lebuhraya.

Jangan pulak lepas ni kata Kerajaan Tak Payung!


Betul ke Bakal Perdana Menteri  Malaysia tu Gayboy?

Haaaa… itulah dia Soalan Cepumas Adegan Haziq dengan Menteri.

Tiba-tiba, tanpa ribut dan taufan, bumi Malaysia dikejutkan dengan Video lucah“Haziq”dan “Menteri”.  Mula-mula sebelum dapat Video tu, saya pun berdebar-debar nak tengok. Lepas dah tengok ketiga-tiga Video Bodo tu saya pun terfikir…Ye ke lucah? Kenapa macam tak stim pun?

Saya tengok macam tak best je. Bosan pun ada. Si “Pemberi” macam Syok Sendiri. Si “Penerima” macam takde emosi. Saya tunggu sampai video ke-tiga, masih tak memberangsangkan. Bukanlah nak kata saya ni pakar Analisis Video Porn, tapi video ni macam ada yang tak kena. So apa dia yang tak kena?

Si Penerima kat atas katil tu macam Boring Gila. Badan kaku, kaki pun tak bergerak. Macam dipaksa rela ke apa ntah. Saya pun tak reti nak cerita. Pendek kata, video tu confem diedit berkali-kali dan orang yang mengedit tu memang tak berkaliber.

Sekejap ada macam flashlight.. sekejap badan menteri tu  warna bahu lain warna tangan lain… kelakar la. Last-last, dia kat atas katil sorang je. Apa ni??? Serious Video Editor tu memang tak reti edit. Buat keje rushing gila. Malam tu jugak nak viralkan. Tarikh salah kat tepi tu pun tak padam.

Maka jadilah Video Kelam-Kabut yang sangat tak Porno.

Kamera tu pun macam dipasang kat TV, so memang  Si Dalang dah rancang nak pakai“Footage Menteri”kat dalam bilik. Adoii, tak suspen langsung Video Lucah ni. Penggambaran yang sangat murah.

Saya rasalah kan, selepas Latheefa Koya dilantik, adalah sekutu-sekutu yang glabah. Tidur tak lena, mandi pun tak basah. Lepas tu depa brainstorm faster-faster, macam lipas kudung. Strategi bangang pun keluar. Jom kita buat video kotor, kasi bunuh itu Bakal Perdana Menteri. Maka dengan itu terbitlah, karya Video Bangang, Kasi Satu Malaysia Gempar sekejap. Pakai taktik “Red Herring”.

Malangnya, Jalan Cerita Video tu, untuk kebanyakan Rakyat Malaysia, adalah bahan kitar semula. Si Dalang memang Pencinta Alam, Dia Mamat Go- Green. Bahan yang tak Original dan tidak Fresh dikitar semula.

Mungkin kos rendah sikit sebab tak payah bayar “Creative Director”. Setakat KopiPes, budak Darjah 1 pun boleh buat. Dahlah Video tu Bodo Piang, lepas tu Si Haziq Lelaki Ranjang buat Pengumuman kat Sofa macam Penyimpan Mohor-mohor Besar Buat Pengumuman Nak Raya.

Eh Haziq, apa kena mengena adegan Ranjang dengan SPRM? Ko ni reti ke tidak Haziq? Satu Malaysia dah gelakkan kau. Kami dah bosan dengan cerita air mani atas tilam. Yang tu semua dah basi la.

Ko cakap sikit dengan Si Dalang Ketandusan Idea tu cari plot cerita yang 2.0 sikit. Kalau tak reti, pi tanya Reza Aziz, dia ada banyak pengalaman kat Hollywood. Mungkin dia boleh perkenalkan superstar Leonardo Di Caprio sebagai Hero Video Lucah?Tapi you la tak dapat duit banyak nanti, Haziq. Atau mungkin dia boleh kenalkan Steven Spielberg. Kualiti Box Office la Sikit Video nak Viral ni. kan Takkan tu pun tak boleh pikir, Haziq? Bazir data jer la tengok Video Lucah tak stim ni.

Yang Si Lobakman ni pun, ghairah sangat nak tumbangkan Bakal Perdana Menteri, sampai sanggup jadi Team Lead – Viral Video dan Buat Laporan Polis. Siap buat teaser lagi kat IG. Terkinja-kinja sangat sampai tak reti nak “cover the audit trail. Takde “forward thinking” – macam ni ke Kualiti Jusa B?(OMG!!!)

Kenapa pulak Umno sebok nak campur tangan Viralkan Video Lucah? Sebab you ada Banyak Watsapp Group? Ke sebab Angkatan Tentera Cybertrooper you ramai? Ke sebab you memang BFF dengan Si Dalang Ketandusan Idea ni?

Eh sudahlah you all. Taktik you all pakai ni kan.. I dah belajar lama.

  1. Taktik “Red Herring”– Mengalih Perhatian Umum kepada Isu yang lebih sensasi supaya isu yang lebih kritikal dilupakan sebentar.
  2. Taktik Viral – Unsur Lucah selalu mendapat perhatian yang sangat hebat, dan sebar melalui Watsapp Group yang pelbagai.
  3. Taktik Tanam Gambaran Negatif – Mengubah Persepsi Awam terhadap Individu


Sekarang ni, Rakyat Malaysia dah pandai sikit, dah boleh pikir. Dah boleh agak siapa Si Dalang Ketandusan Idea ni. Tak payahlah nak main politik porno. Jemaah UMNO pun tak payahlah nak nyanyi Lagu Koir Ramai-Ramai…. Kotor.. Jijik, Jangan Sebar Video Fitnah dan sebagainya…

Kami tak mau Umno, tak mau Pencinta Belakang Mari. Itu semua kami TOLAK. Faham ke tidak ni?

Bak kata Tun, sat lagi ada video Lucah pasal Tun pulak. Yang tu baru best, umur dah 94 tahun, kalau ada Video Lucah… baru sensasi dan original. Tak pernah dibuat orang. Hak tu, mungkin saya akan stim!

Bakal Perdana Menteri Gayboy ke tidak, kita tunggu tahun depan.

Sekian, terima kasih.


Sairana Mohd. Saad